HighRise [time_tested]

  • Broadway 655 San Diego California _ Client: Lankford & Assoc. Architect of Record Carrier Johnson, Architectural Lead Designer Ed Holakiewicz:
  • Leigh Ann Pfeiffer [design team] responsibilities:  Design presentation for review boards, city / urban integration at site level, building articulation @ base and elevation design, decorative 5 story metal panel screen design concept team for art integration bamboo extracted screen terminus of Broadway and India street, building studies and material arcitulation for expression at skyline roof design integration.  Additional  Designer responsibilities included stone / granite option selections @ base, glazing selections and options @ roof,  site work, low rise integrated townhouse units design planning,  articulation and materials facade design on E. Street, and articulation of building metal panels and color glass rhythm wrapping exterior at Broadway corridor.

photo credits Tanya DeLeon, Leigh Ann Pfeiffer